Oasis Public Relations

Oasis Public Relations is a marketing consulting firm that provides public and analyst relations for Israeli companies
interested in targeting international markets.
If you build it, will they come?
"If you build it, they will come" is the famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams. Unfortunately, even if you have the best technology or the best solution, they don't necessarily come. For them-prospective customers, strategic partners and investors-to come, you need a catalyst to drive them to visit your website, send you an email or make a sales call. Oasis Public Relations creates individual marketing communications programs using public and analyst relations to generate coverage for your company to drive prospects to you.

The Oasis Public Relations Difference
'PR' doesn't mean writing a Press Release. It means Public Relations-building relationships with the analysts and journalists covering your industry to increase the quality and quantity of coverage devoted to your company.

Oasis Public Relations has proven experience securing press coverage for Israeli companies in publications including Forbes, ZDNet, CNET, PC Magazine, TechCrunch, Internet.com, MediaPost, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Looking to generate qualified sales and strategic partner leads?
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